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2023 O que Faz uma Casa? - Collective Exhibition - Casa das Artes Bissaya Barreto, Coimbra

2023 In Loop: Reflexões Temporais - Collective Exhibition - No Convento, Guimarães

2023 Pequenas Coisas Infinitas (performance) - Partícula Extravagante - CNBC, Lisboa

2022 Intervalo entre UM e O - Collective Exhibition - Sitio.Co, Lisbon

2022 Expira - Collective Exhibition - Ciclo RGB, Ourém and Paço dos Condes Castel, Santarém

2021 Impossible Shadow - Collective Exhibition - 13º InShadow Festival, Santa Catarina Gallery, Lisbon

2021 Perphoto - Collective Exhibition - Alkantara, Lisboa

2020 Stone by Stone - Urban installation - ZigurFest, Viseu



Multidisciplinary artist who expresses herself through photography, video and installation. 

Human body, shadow and nature are her main themes. Works to reconnect humans with nature, creating a closer and healthier relationship between the body and the environment.

The artist uses materials with low environmental impact: recycled paper, raw cotton, linen and random everyday objects. This approach results in works where shapes and colors take us back to nature and our ancestral roots.



2023 Azar Magazine n.4

Featured projects: Line Around the Unknown; Persona; Learning to be like the wind; Stone by Stone; Root.



2020-2022 MA Art & Communication, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (FCSH), Lisbon

2019-2020 Photography (level II course), Ar.Co, Lisbon

2018-2019 Video Post Production, World Academy, Lisbon

2017-2018 ERASMUS Intermedia Art, Accademia de Belli Arti di Roma, Italy

2015-2018 BA Multimedia Art: Audiovisuals, Faculty of Fine Arts (FBAUL), Lisbon

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